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Kaggle: Join the global machine learning and AI community

Around a halve year back I stumbled over, a vital community portal of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning experts. Kaggle not only encourages people around the world to share thoughts and example data sets on popular machine learning tasks, they also host great AI challenges. Since I joined the Kaggle community 6 month ago, […]

Facebook’s Social Graph Search – Semantic Search for People, Places and Things

image source: Facebook recently  announced Social Graph Search, a new kind of semantic search engine that allows you to query Facebooks social graph data structure by using natural language queries. Facebook specifies some interesting but harmless samples for social graph queries, such as search for ‘People who like Cycling’, ‘Photos i like’, ‘Photos before […]

The Journal of Personalization Research (UMUAI)

just read about an upcoming special issue of ‘The Journal of Personalization Research (UMUAI)’ which will deal with the topic of Context‐Aware Recommender Systems.The upcoming special issue will deal with following topics: Context modeling techniques for recommender systems, Context‐aware user modeling for recommender systems Acquisition, prediction, and mining of contextual information in recommender systems Algorithms for […]