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e-Ink Displays – Underestimated Technology for Rough Industrial and Outdoor Interfaces

e-ink display in rough outdoor usage scenario, image source: Since the first commercial appearance of e-Ink Displays around the year 2008, a large collection of cheap e-book readers, such as the Sony PRS505 or Amazon’s Kindle, were successfully introduced on the consumer market. As the e-Ink technology became mature in this field of application, […]

3D Printing and digital Fabrication in Providence

image source: Makezine just announced the first regular meeting of 3DPPVD, a monthly meeting for people who are fabricating things with MakerBot, RepRap, other 3D printers. The  3DPPVD enables the expert to meet and discuss about all forms of digital fabrication. Their first meeting will be on Wednesday July 11th at AS220 Labs (AS220 Mercantile Block, 131 Washington St (Entrance on Lucie Way), […]

LOXONE – A simple solution for smart home automation

The LOXONE miniserver is the centerpiece for a very simple and intuitive home automation system, which can be used to retrofit existing home electricity installations. It allows you to control all things in and around your home. Ranging from simple blind control to intelligent and cost-efficient zoned heating systems. The LOXONE system is conveniently installed in your consumer unit […]