New TabShop Help Page

Within the last weeks I did prepare a completely new help and tutorial page for all our TabShop users, which can be found here:

The help page is focused on how to solve typical Point of Sale (POS) related use-cases within TabShop. Examples are how to define your own product stock lists, how to checkout and print an invoice and how to change the appearance of your TabShop Android Point of Sale system.

The help page will grow in terms of content over the next couple of weeks and cover more and more use-cases for mobile cashiers.

TabShop Point of Sale (POS) Celebrating 500K Downloads

TabShop began in 2012, when it was first published in Google Play store. Back then, I could not imagine how popular this Android application would become.

Now, 8 years later TabShop POS will reach 500K overall downloads, with hundreds of shops using TabShop day by day worldwide.

The app came a long way, adding feature after feature and battling with competitors such as Square POS for place one in Android Play Store year over year.

Recently, TabShop returned to its original single app strategy and removed the PRO version from Pay Store. Instead in-app upgrade to PRO mode is offered directly within the application. This allows users a more seamless conversion between free and Pro version without switching the app.

The free Android POS app TabShop still is offered without any annoying advertisements in free forever mode.

To celebrate the 500.000 TabShop downloads, we created a new intro video.

TabShop Submission @ SAMSUNG App Challenge 2013


In line with the publication of the 51th production version of TabShop Retail Point of Sale App last week, TabShop was also submitted to the SAMSUNG 2013 App Challenge. Between September 5 and 30 November 2013 SAMSUNG opened an App challenge specifically for Galaxy Note HD Apps.

TabShop version 51 comes with some major improvements and a new possibility to add stock updates directly within the inventory screen. The sorting of items was improved and some extra reports were added within the daily Point of Sale business report.

TabShop free Android Restaurant POS App

TabShop – Free Android Point of Sale

Today a new version of TabShop, the free Android based Point of Sale kiosk and restaurant app was published. This new version changed a lot of the initial design and introduces a new startup screen. A lot of the customer feedback was considered when this new version of TabShop Point of Sale app was implemented. Here is a small glimpse at the newly introduced start screen:

TabShop free Android Point of Sale App Start Screen

apps4austria: Challenge to Create Community Apps by using Open Government Data

Logo apps4austriaapps4austria is a federal Austrian Challenge to create mobile Apps by using Open Government Data archives. These archives contain all kind of information that could be used by a wider public community, such as location of waste collection centers, tourism information, public statistics or public building information.

The challenge emphasises the design of apps that are using these kind of publicly available information and visualizations. Its even possible to submit concepts and ideas without concrete implementation. The submission of apps4austria is due to 1.march 2013!

TabShop – Free Android Point Of Sales (POS) Software


TabShop POS is a lightweight POS kiosk cashier solution for small and medium sized storeskiosks and individual shops. Convert your Android Tablet into an intuitive and easy to use POS cashier system that saves you time, money and trouble. This Android Tablet POS software offers full configuration of local taxes, individual discounts and products.
Easily scan products by using the normal EAN or QR barcodes on your Android Tablet or click on an item to add it to your invoice list.

TabShop POS main features are:

– Manage Products and Product Categories
– Manage Taxes
– Manage Discounts
– Select Products by Scanning EAN or QR Barcodes
– Create Invoices with unique Invoice Number
– Print Invoices as PDF
– Print ASCII Invoices to Network Printer


Free Android TabShop Point of Sale POS App


iPhone controlled bug and beatle

iPhone Controlled BugThis little artificial bug is one of two different models that was published recently by i-Robot. These toys try to simulate the movement of real bugs and beatles. The two creatures come along in combination with an iPhone app that enables the remote control by using your own smartphone. The battery lasts for around 20min operation times. Look at the video below to see these creature in action:

Augment the Real World

Within their recent TED talk Matt Mills and Tamara Roukaerts present Aurasma, a new technology for augmenting the real world by using image recognition. Aurasma enables the immediate and seamless virtual animation of the real world. As they are going beyond state-of-the-art augmented reality, their auras can do everything from making a painting talk to overlaying live news onto a printed newspaper. Matt Mills and Tamara Roukaerts are both working for the Startup Aurasma, which implements such a virtual reality lens for augmenting the real world.

The Aurasma app was created out of technology that is capable of recognizing images, symbols and objects in the real world and understanding them. It can then deliver digital content in real time, including videos, animations, audio or webpages. Within the first year as a company the Aurasma mobile app already reached over 4 million downloads. Aurasma is available for download on Android or iPhone.

App Developers Too Young to Drive

Some of the app programmers are quite young as this article tells us, but i still think that there has nothing changed to how it was in the 1980th when a lot of young kids where programming and publishing proffessional Amiga games, and made a bunch of money by that.

App Developers Too Young to Drive @

Paul Dunahoo went on a business trip to San Francisco last week, where he attended technical sessions at Apple Inc.’s developer conference, networked with other programmers and received feedback from Apple engineers on his six productivity apps. Then, Mr. Dunahoo, chief executive of Bread and Butter Software LLC, returned to Connecticut to get ready for the eighth grade.

WorldDesk brings worldwide accessible Desktop Virtualisation

169848v6-max-250x250WorldDesk, as a provider of desktop virtualisation software, leverages an abstraction

layer that frees all aspects of a user’s Microsoft Windows workspace from the underlying OS and device. WorldDesk’s technology allows the free movement of apps, files and profile between devices. Its possible to use the WorldDesk container in a USB drive, a portable hard drive or smartphone for complete online and off-line portability of your desktop.