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Best Android Point of Sale (POS) for Food Trucks and Tuk Tuks

TabShop is the best, free Android Point of Sale (POS) app available within the Google Play Marketplace. Since more than 10 years, TabShop POS delivers reliable cashier service and invoice printing right within your own phone or tablet.
Since its initial publishing the TabShop app was updated 191 times in order to keep up its stable service and to constantly improve in terms of its features and capabilities.
The Android Point of Sale app is delivered completely free without any subscription and the upgrade to pro version unlocks some useful functions such as advanced reporting and charting or to export stock lists as CSV files.
TabShop is used worldwide by a community of small and medium sized businesses of all kind, such as bars, restaurants, bakeries, beauty salons, street food and Tuk Tuk trucks or artesian art vendors and many more. Even a Voodoo shop in New Orleans is one of the loyal TabShop app users, which means a lot for the publishers of this independent cashier and invoice printing app.

Besides managing your stock and inventory for retail businesses and to print invoices directly on a thermal printer, TabShop also offers a lot of specific features for bars and food trucks or Tuk Tuks, such as a seamless table ordering integration, a call number function for supporting takeaway or a convenient warning on low stock levels, that can save your day in case you forgot about reordering products.
While stock and inventory management as well as invoice printing are probably the most important features for a modern business, TabShop POS also offers a lot of features that are independent of your individual business, such as user management, restock functionality, to share your products with social media and to advertise your products online.
Overall, TabShop cash register and shop management is the perfect companion if you run a small and medium sized business and its totally free of any fee or advertisement.
The fact that it runs directly on your phone or tablet also means that the entry barrier is as low as it can possibly get for Tuk Tuks and food trucks.
See some impressions in the video below: