Voice Command Interface

One of my favourite science fiction movies Blade Runner, directed by Ridley Scott and based upon a novel by the enlightened science fiction author Philip K. Dick, already demonstrated how to control a computer by using your voice. Within the movie Blade Runner Rick Deckard controls an image zooming and analysing automata by selection screen sections with voice commands. Following film shows this scene out of the original movie:

Now here you can find a quite similar implementation of the same concept, up with a nice way to control the mouse with your voice, a project that could find its way onto the desktops of those with mobility issues very quickly. The voice controlled mouse works in conjunction with the voice recognition built into OS X, a little AppleScript, and a touch of Python. When the user says, ‘show grid’ a 10 by 10 grid numbered 1 to 100 is displayed on the screen. By saying ‘thirty five,’ the cursor moves to the 35th cell in the grid. From there, the mouse can be controlled by speaking cardinal directions such as South and Northwest.

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