The new Arduino Leonardo

Arduino Leonardo finally launches with new pin layout, lower price
Finally, Massimo Banzi released the new Arduino Leonardo design, which offers some long discussed and useful features, such as a simplified layout, additional analog IO Pins and a lower price.The Leonardo line introduces a new pin layout, dubbed R3, that will become standard across all Arduino boards. That’s good news for Arduino shield makers who only have to design the different shields once to be compatible with the entire Arduino product line, which saves a lot of engineering time and effort on the long run. Another interesting change is that the circuitry for converting USB to serial
communication and the processor itself have been combined, which not only simplifies the design and drives down costs, but allows the direct communication a host computer. That means that Arduiono is able to directly act as all sorts of accessories, like mouse or keyboards. The price for an Arduino Leonardo will be around $25, which is a little bit less than the Arduino Uno.

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