The Journal of Personalization Research (UMUAI)

just read about an upcoming special issue of ‘The Journal of Personalization Research (UMUAI)’ which will deal with the topic of Context‐Aware Recommender Systems.
The upcoming special issue will deal with following topics:

  • Context modeling techniques for recommender systems,
  • Context‐aware user modeling for recommender systems
  • Acquisition, prediction, and mining of contextual information in recommender systems
  • Algorithms for context‐aware recommender systems
  • Interacting with context‐aware recommender systems
  • Novel applications for context‐aware recommender systems
  • Large‐scale context‐aware recommender systems
  • Context‐aware recommendation to groups
  • Evaluation and user studies of context‐aware recommender systems
  • Privacy issues in context‐aware recommender systems

Recommender systems are a popular area of personalization technologies, which has
enjoyed a tremendous amount of research and development activity in both academia and
industry in the last 10‐15 years. Recommender systems research typically explores and
develops techniques and applications for recommending various products or services to
individual users based on the knowledge of users’ tastes and preferences as well as users’ past activities (such as previous purchases), which are applicable in a variety of domains and settings.