The future of reading books and news

Today i got an ebook reader Sony PRS-505 which will be my first experince with electronic reading devices.

As i am reading really a lot literature within my job (scientific journals and proceedings as well as technical books) i am curious if this reading device will change the way how i am reading these material. Since today i always printed the articles i read and bought hardcopy books. The big disadvantage is that while traveling you always have the wrong texts with you and you are quite limited in the amount of material you take with you. With my additional 8 GB SD-card there is no limitation of books and articles you take with your ebook reader. I can in fact take my whole library with me while i am traveling.

Despite the fact that most of the conference papers are two columns format, which can not quite clearly displayed on the ebook reader i am sure that the digital formats may change in the future. According to the dramatic slide of newspaper readers it seams that the future of printed news and magazines could also lie in publishing the material for electronic readers and tablets. This surely changes the publishing industry according to the fact that no transport is necessary any more and the time of reading news will also shift, as it has already happened with reading internet news.

I am even thinking of writing and online publishing a technical book which deals with microcontroller programming and hobby robotics.

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