The End of Cash

NEWS FROM THE FUTURE – The End of Cash, “Don’t show me the money: Why eliminating cash may be the secret to prosperity” By Dominic Basulto at The Washington Post…

Sweden’s push to become the first-ever nation to phase out physical bills and coins marks the next major evolution in the creation of the cashless society. In some areas of Sweden, people no longer need to carry around bills or plastic cards, and payments for everyday items like bus tickets and groceries are made by mobile devices. The ultimate point of arrival, of course, is the creation of the truly cashless society in which all payments are digital and mobile devices contain all the information we once entrusted to our wallets.

BitCoin really didn’t work out, but I’m starting to see a lot of NFC payment methods popping up and swipe-less credit cards. There are even person-to-person dongles like Square. Every few months in the USA you hear more calls to kill off the penny. What do you think Makers? Is cash on its way out?

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