MobileVNC controls Industry Panel with HTML5 VNC Viewer

By adding support for Websockets MobileVNC is now fully compatible with HTML5 based VNC Viewers such as noVNC! See in the following video how MobileVNC remote controls an Windows CE Industry Panel by just using a Chrome Webbrowser. The Browser is able to directly connect to the Windows CE embedded industrial Panel by typing in its IP address.

Windows CE VNC Server adds HTML5 Viewer Support

In the recent MobileVNC release, the Windows CE and Windows Mobile based VNC server software solution added support for HTML5 viewers. In fact, MobileVNC added the popular Kanaka noVNC viewer. The Windows CE VNC server opens a tiny HTTP server and serves this HTML5 based noVNC viewer. The user just has to open a Web Browser that supports HTML5 (e.g. Chrome) and view the Windows CE device right away out of his Browser. A detailed description of this new HTML5 feature can be found here.

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