Did you ever wondered what’s inside a low-cost digital camera?

kahn academy explains what's inside a low-cost digital camera

The Kahn Academy shows in a step-by-step process what’s inside a low-cost digital camera and why these cheap cameras are providing such a bad quality. Through this tutorial video each of the electronics components of a digital camera is shown and explained in detail. Components such as the CMOS chip, CPU as well as the digital memory and their purpose within the image capturing process are explained. A really useful video tutorial if you would like to know what’s inside your camera without opening your own 🙂

Swarm of Robots that team up with Air-Drones and solve Problems

“Spatially Targeted Communication and Self-Assembly,” a work by Nithin Mathews, Anders Lyhne Christensen, Rehan O’Grady, and Marco Dorigo, from Universite Libre de Bruxelles and Instituto Universitario de Lisboa, was presented at IROS 2012 in Vilamoura, Portugal. The video shows their research on swarm robots that team up even with a flying AR-Drone, in order to fulfill combined tasks together. A really nice aspect is that the drones working together as a group are highlighted by using different light colors. As the ground drones are not able to scan large areas, they are directly cooperating with the flying AR-drone to get a detailed overview on the sourounding area. You can find details on this work on Spacially Targeted Communication and Self-Assembly within their recent paper.

RC Drone Launching and Landing from Skyscraper Hotel Balcony

See how the crazy guys from Team BlackSheep try to land a radio controlled model plane in a hotel room located in one of the top floor of a skyscraper hotel in Thailand. Launching the RC plane from the balcony seemed really easy but they did not thought about possible landing failures 😉 See for yourself:

Google launches Google Play Video Rental in Germany

Google PlayRumors are floating between some bloggers that Google’s Play marketplace finally enabled the Movie and Video rental feature in Germany. According to a german blogger Carsten, this feature went online some hours ago this morning. Google hasn’t announced the going live of Google Play movie rental in Germany so far, but a handfull of bloggers are reporting that they are able to rent videos on their Android phones. The prices for movie rental in Germany are between 2.99€ and 4.99€ depending on the video quality and customers have around 48h time to watch the bought video before its disabled again. So Google is starting another video on demand service beside AppleTV and several other providers, such as MovieTraxx.

There are no technical issues left within the video on demand domain, even the customers beg and prey for solutions. The main problem is the quite limited selection of available movies each provider is allowed to offer its customers. Even AppleTV does not offer all blockbuster within their popular platform.

screenshot taken from google.play.com

Watch the touch down of NASA’s Curiosity Rover live!

Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) is a robotic mission to Mars launched by NASA on November 26, 2011, that will attempt to land a Mars rover called Curiosity on the surface of Mars. Today (August 6, 2012), it is scheduled to land in Gale Crater at about 05:31 UTCCuriosity rover’s objectives include determining Mars’ habitability, studying its climate and geology, and collecting data for human missions. Curiosity is twice as long and five times as heavy as NASA’s previous rovers Spirit and Opportunity. The total cost of the MSL/curiosity project is about US$2.5 billion.

So if you would like to see how 2.5 billions touch down on Mars, watch this live video stream:

Video streaming by Ustream

DIY Street View Kit

Have you ever wanted your very own Street View camera to capture the places not yet covered by Google Maps? With this DIY Street View Kit from German designer Jan Martin, you can now map your favorite walking trail, camp site, or remote location. The kit can be mounted on a car or worn as a backpack and comes with image processing and player software. [via TechnaBob]