Seabear-diving : Smart system for underwater blood pressure measurement

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Seabear-Diving, a startup company from Graz Austria, recently published their work on implementing a smart sensor system that is able to measure the blood pressure of divers during their underwater trips. It continuously records depth, time, heart rate, oxygen saturation (SO2) and plethysmogram. Seabear-Diving has specialized on underwater, diver supporting technologies, such as Apnea Dive Computers or Head-Mounted Displays for diving masks. Their main research interest lies within smart underwater sensor systems for measuring medical aspects and diving physiology. A patented OLED-based touch screen allows divers to easily operate their smart dive computers as they would handle a smartphone. For details refer to their research papers here.

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Aquabotix: Remote controlled underwater eye


This compact remote controlled underwater vehicle can record live video and capture photos in HD, streaming them to your iPad and allowing you to share with family and friends. The vehicle’s features includes LED lights, HD camera, Standard 75 foot cable, Waterproof carrying case, Topside box which produces vehicles Wi-Fi. This underwater bot is perfect for studying marine life, checking water depths or inspecting under your boat. Stay dry and safe from topside while recording videos and snapping photos to upload and share on social media sites.

The HydroView remotely controlled underwater vehicle lets you check on an anchor, look for something that fell overboard or off a dock and study marine life