Spotnick – How to Track the Location of Your Friends on Facebook?

Spotnick - Locate and Track your Facebook Friends, Image source:
Spotnick – Locate and Track your Facebook Friends, Image source:

Some days ago a friend told me that his team just published a brand new iPhone and Android App called Spotnick that allows mobile Facebook users to immediately locate and track their friends. After connecting to Spotnick by using your Facebook account, you are shown a map on which you can locate your linked Facebook friends. As far as your friends are not updating their location in realtime, Spotnick uses the actual home address, or the last known address your freinds entered within Facebook. The Spotnick app also allows to track and update your own address in realtime, so that you can select people who are allowed to see your realtime location. Spotnick app was published for Android as well as for iPhone.

Spotnick - Locate and Track your Facebook Friends
Spotnick – Locate and Track your Facebook Friends, Image source:

Spotnick - Locate and Track your Facebook Friends, Image source:

Windows Mobile mountain bike cockpit goes Open Source

Today, the Windows Mobile mountain bike cockpit app MoMo was published under the  Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) license, that allows you to share and remix the original MoMo Biking Cockpit under the condition of attributation to the author. The Biking Cockpit was written in C# and offers a useful feature set for tracking your biking routes and to export these routes in various open formats, such as standard CSV and KML. The biking cockpit also gives you a good overview on actual stats of your ride, such as speed, travelled distance and altitude diagram:


Track your thief: open source tracking device

A successful burglary was the root of this project on kickstarter, which offers an open source tracking device with onboard GSM shield for reporting back to the owner of the tracked device. The tracking board contains all hardware you need to find out who stole your TV set or Playstation (and where it is stored at the moment). In detail the board contains:

  • GPS – An ultra sensitive -165dBm receiver with on board passive antenna that can be configured to a 10Hz update rate.
  • GSM – SIM900 Quad band GSM module to connect to the GSM cellular network. Unlocked SIM card necessary (not included).
  • USB Battery charger – charge rate set to 500mA by way of mini USB connector. Can be charged directly from most computers.
  • Lipo Fuel Gauge – MAX17043 single cell lithium polymer fuel gauge.
  • Accelerometer – BMA250 Triple axis +/-2 to +/-16g 10 bit accelerometer.
  • Microcontroller – ATMega328p running at 3.3v 8MHz with the Arduino bootloader installed
  • Power,GND,I2C,SPI,4 Analog/Digital and 1 digital IO pin headers
  • Optional underside coin cell battery (CR1225) backup holder to retain GPS memory if main battery is disconnected