Lean Tablet Cash Register for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

TabShopLogoProMany startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses are spending a large amount of their spare budget for operating a cash register system. Most of these systems are built upon old stationary touchscreen hardware that is on the one hand quite expensive and on the other hand quite unflexible. These old point of sale systems do not represent the lean and flexible spirit of todays entrepreneurs and startups. Nowadays small businesses are moving fast, offer high mobility and react flexible on new opportunity.
By offering a complete cash register and stock management system in your pocket TabShop climbed the top position in Google Play Marketplace. TabShop is the leading point of sale system app on Android tablets and smartphones. It allows users to manage their stock and directly checkout the customers invoices. With TabShop entrepreneurs always take their stock information and cashier system with them. So small businesses are always ready to take up great selling opportunities.


TED: Daphne Koller speaks up for a revolution in online education

Daphne Koller is asking top universities, such as Stanford, to put their courses online for free, but not just as a service, but as a way to research how people learn. She tries to discover how knowledge is processed and absorbed by her audience, through tracking each keystroke, asking comprehension quiz and peer-to-peer forum discussion.

Daphne Koller is bringing courses from top colleges online, free for anyone who wants to take them. Her Website already has an impressive number of online students who follow her courses. Daphne Koller is working as a Stanford professor and founded her startup Coursera for sharing online courses.

She follows the same vision Peter Norvig has already presented before in his amazing TED talk on his experiences with his 100.000 student classroom on modern approaches of artificial intelligence last year.

Book Review: The 100$ Startup

The 100$ Startup by Chris Guillebeau is dedicated to low budget startup companies, that are run by individuals without large teams. These startup companies very much differ from the actual hype around seed funding and pitching large and potent investors. The typical Silicon Valley entrepreneurs try to set up startups with the goal to sell them after a seed period of at most three years and taking large profit with them, in order to start the next one. All the individual startups that are described within The 100$ Startup are not within that category. Chris describes many different individual product models and businesses, ranging from small bakeries to a very successful bycycle mattresses store. All of these startups have in common that their owners follow a very individual model of creating value and of financing their regular income by not loosing their freedom within large companies. This book is an anthem for small individual businesses and agains the unhealthy and depressing work within large companies.

I really loved to read about the very different ways these people started their own businesses. Some of them did not even realized the moment when their own business grew more profiteable than their regular work ever was. I also liked the fact that this book is  about normal people, like you and me, realizing that they can turn their hobbies into good businesses.

Another interesting aspect about this book is that all the people and their businesses that are mentioned agreed to open their business and income figures to the readers. You can find details on Chris’ website 100startup.com.

screencapture from 100startup.com

Google invests $5M In Virtual Currency Pocket Change

Pocket Change, a startup offering a virtual currency platform for Android games, has raised $5 million in a Series A round of funding by Google Venture.

The startup specifies on the creation of a common currency that works across all mobile Android platforms. It should be the currency that games use to sell theyr gimmicks and add-ons. Theyr mission is to build the world’s first universal virtual currency (i hope the value lasts longer than the Linden Dollar 😉 ). Several 100 games have already integrated this virtual currency, by which Pocket Change reaches around 2 M people.

Recommendation Engine for Everything


Today, the customers are overwhelmed by the number of available products and choices. As busy customers do not have much time to spent on search and product comparison, recommendation engines are the actual hype within ICT startup companies. Tipflare is such a recommendation engine, thats built for recommending everything from food to clothes. They support theyr customers by selecting related products on which the customer might be interested in. They analyze your ratings and purchase history to advise other products. And there is a huge amount of data, where the term Big Data appears the next big thing on the business intelligence market to handle and analyze such large amounts of data.

image source: tipflare website

Malaysian ICT-Park Cyberjaya

In my series about worldwide startup and incubator programs, this time we look at the  Malaysian ICT-Park Cyberjaya: Established in October 1996, Cyberview Sdn Bhd, a Government owned company and landowner of Cyberjaya, has been mandated to spearhead the development in Cyberjaya. To this end, Cyberview put its utmost effort towards ensuring Cyberjaya continues to progress in line with the Government’s aspirations. Within this ICT campus lies the SME Technoentrepreneur Center, which supports the grow and development of innovative Startups.

BistroBox – Pizza Automation!


BistroBox is an interesting Austrian Startup which came out of a university project. BistroBox, as it’s name may already suggest, implemented an fully automated machine for creating hot pizzas. Comparable to a snack or beverage vending machine, BistroBox lets the customer select which pizza he would like to have and the machine starts to bake the desired pizza within around 2 minutes. I checked some of the pizzas myself and they are tasting amazingly good. BistroBox is already published as a full product for sale and luckily one of these machines is standing right at our local university 🙂



The ARK Challenge, New Northwest Arkansas Incubator

ark challenge

To increase the output and the founding of small and medium sized innovative companies seems one of the actual hypes all over the world. Tech accelerators and incubators popping up all over the world, spreading from major tech hubs like San Francisco and New York throughout the U.S. and international. The ARK is one of the incubator program that’s outside a major city. The ARK is just getting started in Northwest Arkansas.

The ARK Challenge is looking to recruit 15 startups, who will get all the same things you can expect from accelerators elsewhere, including funding, coworking space and access to mentors. All chosen to participate will receive $18,000 in funding in exchange for 6 percent of equity, and will have the opportunity to work out of the Iceberg CoWorking Space in Fayetteville, Ark. [via TechCrunch]

Another interesting hitech incubator was found last year in Austria. The International Incubator Hagenberg (IIH) wants to attract specifically international founder to come to Hagenberg in order to found a Hitech startup company. Several very interesting international startups were already found, including FL3XX a aviation scheduling and routing planner or isiQiri, a startup that developed and patented a new light grid for touch applications or industrial applications.

So check out the International Incubator Hagenberg offer, they are still open for interesting international contributions!

Estimate the cost for your coding projects

You need a new customized software solutions and want to know the implementation effort?

ReqPOOL Pocket Estimator offers a nice online and mobile tool for estimating the overall effort for the coding of your planned software project. You just have to fill in some stats of your planned software product and the tool calculates an estimated effort in person or programming hours.

Even if you think you know the effort for your coding project much better, this tool could give you another hint to replan 😉