TabShop Android Point of Sale

TabShop, the free Android Point of Sale (POS) App offers an intuitive way to organize your small or medium sized business. By customizing the local taxes and discounts and by supporting a multitude of different languages TabShop is perfectly ready for your individual local business. The TabShop cashier App also offers good support for QR codes as well as Bitcoin payments. By offering an open server interface, TabShop also supports your individual server backend integration. TabShop therefore is the perfect solution for your own shop, business, retail market, kiosk or simply your shop and stock management in your pocket.



Lean Tablet Cash Register for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

TabShopLogoProMany startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses are spending a large amount of their spare budget for operating a cash register system. Most of these systems are built upon old stationary touchscreen hardware that is on the one hand quite expensive and on the other hand quite unflexible. These old point of sale systems do not represent the lean and flexible spirit of todays entrepreneurs and startups. Nowadays small businesses are moving fast, offer high mobility and react flexible on new opportunity.
By offering a complete cash register and stock management system in your pocket TabShop climbed the top position in Google Play Marketplace. TabShop is the leading point of sale system app on Android tablets and smartphones. It allows users to manage their stock and directly checkout the customers invoices. With TabShop entrepreneurs always take their stock information and cashier system with them. So small businesses are always ready to take up great selling opportunities.


Lightweight Point Of Sale Software in the Cloud for your iPad

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ShopKeepPOS is the answer to many small and medium sized shops and restaurants worldwide that previously bought expensive Point Of Sales software bundles along with dedicated touchscreen hardware. These Point Of Sales systems, also called cashier systems are quite expensive and driven by a shops need to track inventory, sales and to report these figures to the tax authorities. This may sound quite simple but its quite tricky in detail due to the fact that every country has different tax models and that these tax models distinguish between different groups of items, such as beverages, alcohol and so on.WindFall POS Stand for iPad

ShopKeepPOS solves this by introducing a cloud based solution that uses your iPad as Point Of Sales terminal, which is a quite good idea considering the fact that it offers one of the best multitouch screens, EAN and QR barcode scanner and recently external credit card readers.
The cloud back end system assures backup and analytic sales reports as well as business intelligence queries, even for the smallest shops worldwide. So in this case a cloud solution, combined with consumer electronics mobile devices, such as an iPad made the work a lot easier for small and medium sized shops and restaurants!