Sensor Node for monitoring your Washing Machine

Viktor from Victor’s DIY, built a small circuit which monitors the washing process of his washing maschine, in order to alarm him when the maschine has finished the work. Of course the machine has some fancy LEDs on it which informs the user about the end of a program, but Victor decided that he needs something more acoustical 😉
The idea behind this work is to use a Freescale’s MMA7361 3-axis accelerometer to monitor the movement of his machine in order to detect the end of the washing program.

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Knut: WiFi enabled Sensor Network Hub

Knut is a small, battery powered, Wi-Fi enabled sensor hub that enables you to monitor your environment in near real time. Some typical application areas for smart sensor network hubs are to monitor the temperature of your home or aquarium, to monitor the humidity in your basement or cigar collection, tell if someone has opened your liquor cabinet or refrigerator door, measure how much vibration a package experiences during shipping, and many more.
Knut is able to wirelessly connect multiple sensors (i.e. door switch, thermometer) to your home computer (PC, Mac) or mobile device (iPhone, Android). Because Knut uses email to send and receive data, it does not require any subscription or fees. Just give your Knut a name, assign your Knut an email address and set up how frequently your Knut checks its sensors (Time critical sensors such as accelerometers and switches are checked whenever they change)

Knut spends the majority of the time asleep. Every so often, Knut wakes up, checks and then records the status of all connected sensors. When the memory in Knut is full, Knut sends its recorded information to a designated email address.