Tindie: Sell your own Hardware Creations

Did you ever thought about selling one of your hardware creations? Maybe some gadgets built on Arduino, Raspberry Pi, 3D printed artefacts as well as specific shields, boards, sensors or complete kits.

Emile Petrone founded a marketplace, tindie.com, where makers and hardware creators can offer their creations. There are already some really interesting creations on tindie, such as an Angry Birds-playing robot, MicroFTX USB-Serial Breakout or a Netduino Go! Relay Module.

Thermal Shot of Raspberry Pi







Watch this Fluke thermal camera image that Remy took from his running Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi has three main sources of heat: the voltage regulator, the USB/Ethernet controller and the Broadcom SoC. When the board is idle, these parts read 49.9°C, 48.7°C and 53°C, within the temperature ranges given in the datasheets for these components.

During a stress test where the ARM CPU was at 100% utilization, the Broadcom SoC reached almost 65° C while the Ethernet controller reached around 50°C.

Using the Raspberry Pi IO Pins

Chris is one of the lucky people who got a Raspberry Pi out of the first charge to experiment with. He started to enable the external GPIO pins, which are of specific interest for hardware hackers. With a little bit of PHP coding in combination with a Linux cmd line program he is able to blink externals LEDs whenever somebody visits the website, which is hosted on this handy Raspberry Pi device.

image source: hobbyelektronik.org