McorTechnologies – 3D Paper Printer

Mcor Technologies recently published a paper printing 3D printer, that allows to print complex 3D objects out of paper, as you can see within the video below. While most popular 3D printer use some kind of plastic molding, like MakerBot, Eventorbot or Tangibot, the Paper 3D Printer Рthe Matrix 300 uses paper as the basic forming material. Therefore the material costs are still up to 50 times less expensive than traditional plastic molding. The process uses A4 paper and a water based adhesive which makes the output eco-friendly.

Eventorbot – Solid Open Source 3D Printer

Eventorbot is a 100% solid Open Source 3D Printer. You can build this desktop fabrication device with less materials according to the fact that it’s frame is made of aa single 4′ long, 2 1/2” square tube. This tube is giving the entire 3D printer a solid frame design, that reduces vibration during the printing process. All the wires are hidden within the frame, that costs less than 20$. The reduction of vibration results in a much better print result compared to other 3D Printer models.