MIT develops a cheap and highly agile autonomous plane for indoor navigation

MIT researchers recently published a video of their highly agile autonomous plane drone that is able to navigate through indoor locations. Their video shows a good overview how the autonomous plane is able to automatically build a navigation map out of a laser range finder scanner and to find its way through indoor locations.

Traditionally, these environments have been dominated by quadcopters or similar air drones. The minimalistic design of this plane allows low cost survaillance tasks within indoor locations, such as parking garages, as it is shown within the video below.

Waze, rapid growing social traffic community

iPhone Screenshot 1Waze, is an Israel-based social navigation and traffic service application that allows drivers to share traffic information at realtime. Its interesting to meet other Waze drivers on the street and to share driving experiences. When i tested Waze today, i came into a bad hailstorm which i immediately reported to Waze. During my trip i could see a lot of different  traffic messages from uther drivers near me.

Today Waze announced that their user/driver base has reached 20 million active users and they are growing really quickly, as they gathered half of them in the last 6 months.

Google updates Maps For Android

google maps android logo

Google just updated their Google Maps for Android App, which now additionally offers three new features: integration with Google Offers, support for Google Business Photos and indoor walking directions.
Android users will now be able to see offered deals from nearby stores, which includes both offers that can be purchased, as well as free offers, that are available immediately. Users can also opt-in to receive notifications when there are offers near them.