Recommendation Engine for Everything


Today, the customers are overwhelmed by the number of available products and choices. As busy customers do not have much time to spent on search and product comparison, recommendation engines are the actual hype within ICT startup companies. Tipflare is such a recommendation engine, thats built for recommending everything from food to clothes. They support theyr customers by selecting related products on which the customer might be interested in. They analyze your ratings and purchase history to advise other products. And there is a huge amount of data, where the term Big Data appears the next big thing on the business intelligence market to handle and analyze such large amounts of data.

image source: tipflare website

Mobile Ad Startup StrikeAd

strikead logoThe mobile advertising startup StrikeAd implemeted a Demand Side Platform specifically dedicated to mobile. The startup helps advertisers and agencies manage and optimize their mobile campaigns. The new StrikeAd Fusion is a proprietary mobile-specific platform and single console through which agencies can plan, execute and evaluate hundreds of mobile campaigns, minute-by-minute, on a global basis. This startup shows impressingly how important the mobile advertising business is at the moment, as StrikeAd was able to rise funds of around 500.000$ as an addition to the $3 million Series A led by DFJ Esprit that the startup already announced in January.

StrikeAd’s advertisments reach over 12 billion monthly pages on mobile phones, which is quite impressing.

Custom PHP script for optimizing Amazon Associate Conversions

After i collected some experinces with the standard Amazon Associate program and with the different banner link types, i decided to implement a very simple PHP script that is able to change the book offers for my visitors dynamically. The script checks the keyword tags within a blog post and tries to find related books at Amazon. My PHP script then selects randomly some of the Amazon search results and displays a table with Amazon  products links that contain my Amazon Associate id.

The result is a table of related books, as it is shown in the screenshot below:

Read the full story here, where you can also refer to the free and open source code of the PHP script.

Publish your own e-book

I just came across a really cool article by James Altucher, who ic the author of several self published books and a really successful blog on technology. He is primarily writing about why today you simply have to publish your own book in order to make some marketing on your own person. He also argues that traditional publishers are squeezing authors because the electronic book market kills the traditional publisher market in these days. He gives some very nice examples how you can do your own publishing and how to get the books into the market. I wrote several chapters of books for myself in the last years and i have to admit that the publishers are not giving you any real useful royalties as well as the publishers are not really marketing your products.

404 page not found: an opportunity?

Did you check your website logs recently? How many 404 Page Not Found errors did you count? To be honest nobody really wants to see the 404: Page Not Found. But as Renny Gleeson shows us, while he runs through a slideshow of creative and funny 404 pages, every error is really a chance to build a better relationship with your websites visitors.

Renny Gleeson helps navigate brands through fresh concepts, such as viral marketing and social media, to find the pulse of the modern consumer. Refer to his interesting TED talk here: