Arduino Controlled Drawbot

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One of the highlights of the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire was Dan Royer’s drawbot kit in action. Dan sells his Drawbot kits online. The kit includes a 3D printed pen holder, 2 stepper motors, a 12V 2A power supply, 2x 3D printed bobbins, an Adafruit Stepper shield. The whole drawing bot is based on an Arduino UNO. The kit requires no soldering or wire cutting, and is perfect for use in a classroom.

Drawbot is even easier to use than any other machine of it’s kind. Choose a picture from your computer and the Java program will prepare it for you in 10 minutes or less. It also understands GCODE, the language used by 3D printers and industrial fabrication machines. You can even take the GCODE and send it to your RepRap or Makerbot.

Maker Faire Talk by Adam Savage

Its so cool to watch Adam Savage’s talk at the Maker Faire 2012, where he tells us a story about his hat, which is in fact a a replica of the one Harrison Ford wore in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. Which is an amazing story about a guy Marc Kitter, who was unable to find an accurate Indiana Jones hat so Kitter taught himself millenary, so he could make one for himself. So Kitter started his own company, the Adventurebilt Hat Company, which makes 40 to 50 pure beaver felt fedoras per year for $650 each. Simply a great story about a Maker and his vision 🙂