Sensordrone – the 6th sense for your smartphone

Sensordrone is an external sensing device, which adds some interesting features to your standard sensor phallanx of your smartphone. Sensordrone is a Kickstarter project which pledges for your support in order to publish this useful device. Sensordome is designed to run many different applications, such as monitor the carbon monoxide and air quality, find gas leaks, measure your child’s temperature, log the weather, and much more. For me it could be interesting to use sensordome as a home weather station in combination with an Android based central house touch panel.

Microcontrolled, customizable Espresso Machine

For a coffeholic like me this already successful  Kickstarter project sounds like a dream became reality. That guys (Gleb Polyakov and Igor Zamlinsky) design a microcontroller based espresso machine (i expect that all major espresso machines are in some way controlled by one but you do not have access to their code). As consistent pressure and temperature through the entire pull is the key to getting a perfect espresso.

There are basically two kinds of home espresso machines on the market today. The affordable models have no good mechanism of temperature or pressure control. These machines can’t pull consistent shots. So if you’re serious about espresso, you’ll need one of the higher-end machines – they make great coffee, but they also start around $700.

This espresso machine offers high-end quality, PID-controlled customizable temperature and pressure, pre-infusion, or shot-time settings, for around 400$. Gleb and Igor already successfully pledged a budget of $369,569 from 1,546 backers.

RetroCade Synth – One ChipTune board to rule them all!

RetroCade, a new Kickstarter pledge project, puts together all historic hardware synth boards that we loved so much in the past, such as the Commodore 64 SID chip or the Yamaha YM-2149 chip.
This hardware synthesizer is built on Gadget Factory’s own Papilio platform, and is designed with both hardware hackers and musicians in mind. Musicians will love the ease of use and extreme retro glitchiness that the Retrocade has to offer. RetroCade is open-source, and is designed to be hacked and modified in the way you would like to do.

The RetroCade Synth boasts the capability to play the built-in Commodore 64 SID chip, the Yamaha YM-2149 chip, .mod files, and MIDI files – all at the same time! The RetroCade Synth can be played via any external MIDI control interface or via your favorite audio/ sequencing software. We have built a custom VST software dashboard which gives you visual control over all the various parameters the synth has to offer, and it is included at all hardware tiers here on Kickstarter.


The WATT – In this Kickstarter pledge the team of entusiasts, lead by Ben Jervey, ask for a crowd funding in order to write an interactive ebook which explains the nature of energy for the broad masses. It should be an Energy 101 Primer. An interactive e-book to complement and enhance our user’s guide to energy in the 21st Century. Follow their funding request on Kickstarter, which is still running for around 8 hours.

Kickstarter’s $8 Million Pebble watch

Watch the interview with Eric Migicovsky, who is the creator of the Pebble Bluetooth watch, a Kickstarter project that’s raised over $8 million.
Pebble Founder Eric Migicovsky, the 25-year behind the 8 million dollar Kickstarter campaign, the largest ever. According to Eric, Pebble is the watch of the 21st century, allowing it to connect to your iPhone as well as download different apps and watch interfaces. Eric talked with Shira about how Kickstarter gave them an opportunity, making something people want and how awesome the Pebble watch is.