Lightweight Point Of Sale Software in the Cloud for your iPad

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ShopKeepPOS is the answer to many small and medium sized shops and restaurants worldwide that previously bought expensive Point Of Sales software bundles along with dedicated touchscreen hardware. These Point Of Sales systems, also called cashier systems are quite expensive and driven by a shops need to track inventory, sales and to report these figures to the tax authorities. This may sound quite simple but its quite tricky in detail due to the fact that every country has different tax models and that these tax models distinguish between different groups of items, such as beverages, alcohol and so on.WindFall POS Stand for iPad

ShopKeepPOS solves this by introducing a cloud based solution that uses your iPad as Point Of Sales terminal, which is a quite good idea considering the fact that it offers one of the best multitouch screens, EAN and QR barcode scanner and recently external credit card readers.
The cloud back end system assures backup and analytic sales reports as well as business intelligence queries, even for the smallest shops worldwide. So in this case a cloud solution, combined with consumer electronics mobile devices, such as an iPad made the work a lot easier for small and medium sized shops and restaurants!

Measure your Blood Pressure and Health State with your iPhone

The Withings Blood Pressure monitor is one of the first products that measures and monitors your blood pressure over time, by using your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch as sensor data hub. The blood pressure iPhone app gives you a good tracking overview by additionally showing you recommended values and recorded tracking charts. The pressure arm sensor with it’s fancy design goes along well with your iPhone smartphone. Within the next years we will definitely see an increase in body health sensors that are bound to your smartphone, to give you a constant overview on your health or training state.

Telepresence Robot Double allows Virtual Museum Visits anywhere

California-based Double Robotics has published a self balancing Telepresence Robot Double balances an iPad on top in order to enable people to virtually visit museums anywhere worldwide. By connecting to this Double telepresence robot you can perform a museum tour by actually driving and looking around with your telepresence avatar robot. This could also be a great device for virtual meetings or telepresence tours/visits in companies and between project teams. The robot is able to move around and to elevate the iPad at the normal height of your eyes in order to get a good overview. By using the camera, microphone and speaker a remote conversation with other real or telepresence avatars is possible. The robot contains a battery that lasts for a tour of around 8 hours, which is quite enough to nearly visit any museum, except maybe The Louvre or the Vatican Museam in which you barely scrap the surface with an 8 hour visit ūüėČ

Help GeoGebra crowd source for the iPad

Remember my recent post on GeoGebra, the innovative and open source mathematics learning software that has attracted a global community of school teachers? GeoGebra is the best interactive software for explaining and teaching mathematic examples. And the best thing is that you can get and distribute GeoGebra for free.

Now the creators of GeoGebra started a Kickstarter pledge for porting this cool piece of software to the iPad platform.

We want to make GeoGebra available for the iPad. An html5 version of the software is already available and partly working on tablets without Java. But this is not enough, we want a real iPad Application. A GeoGebra app free to download for everybody from the Apple AppStore.

The reason why we want to keep the iPad application free is because GeoGebra itself is free and keeping it so we want it to be available for everyone. If we reach the desired 10,000 dollars, we can support the development.

I think the team around GeoGebra really deserves a huge crowd of backers for their enthusiasm to bring maths and MINT topics to children wordwide!



miso – The Second Screen Market

Somrat Niyogi the CEO of Miso wrote an excellent article on TechCrunch explaining the idea of the second screen market. Its mainly about using your second screens, such as phone or tablets, to show additional information and stats on actual running TV shows. So you can interact and get additional information on your pad while you are watching TV on your couch, which is a great idea. Somrat identified that the second screen space is going to be a multi-billion dollar market. Just last week, Tim Cook announced that 67M iPads were sold in less than two years. It took more than 24 years to sell that many Macs. With the growing trend of second screen activity (i.e. using tablets while you watch TV), there is bound to be major disruption in the TV industry.