Six legged military robot

Well first i thought this bot is not really a navigation wonder, especially at high speed, as you can see in the video below. The robot unvails its strength when it comes to stair climbing. This specific robot with its flexible six legs is able to climb stairs quite good, as you can see at the end of the video.

Kickstart a Low-Cost Six-Legged Open Robot

ArcBotics published their pledge for 13.000$ on Kickstarter, in order to fund a low-cost six-legged open source robot (known as a Hexapod). As the robotic hobby is quite expensive, this Kickstarter project will give all hobby robotic developers the possibility to get their hands on a Hexabot with open software and hardware design for around 400$. The entire Hexapod kit comes in some really nice color kits and is completely compatible with Arduino software and Hardware. The team also updated shortly that if they will hit the 200K $ mark they will add a programming language support for drag-and-drop programming GUI based on miniBloq, with which they are definitely on the right track. The entire hardware and software design will be published as open source, so there are no limits for additional robotic apps and new hardware features.