Aquaponics Innovation and DIY Greenhouse Technology

Pierre Beauchamp, a young and successfull innovator and evangelist for greenhouse and aquaponics, who’s goal is to bring fresh and natural food production into urban environments. When Pierre Beauchamp was 15 years old he created an amazing aquaponics operation in a greenhouse in his families property in Auburn, Calif.

DIY Aquaponics Innovation by Pierre Beauchamp, source:
DIY Aquaponics Innovation by Pierre Beauchamp, source:

His aquaponics and greenhouse systems are so called closed loop systems that join plant production in combination with fresh water fish production. These aquaponics and greenhouse closed loop systems are great sources for fresh food production in future urban environments. Pierre Beauchamp was awarded the 2012 Sea World / Busch Gardens Environmental Excellence Award and the Global Green International-Citizen Entrepreneur Award.

growerbot: the social gardening arduino

The goal of Luke’s Kickstarter project growerbot can be summarized by one simple statement:

Automate growing food and share your real-world farming activity with your friends. Grow faster and better by sharing!

Growerbot combines the growing of food in the real world with enhanced social any community activities. It keeps your friends and followers updated about late braking results in your automated greenhouse. Luke’s  Arduino powered desktop greenhouse couples the power of automation to keep food growing optimally. By adding gamification to get you excited about gardening, you’re going to grow better food with less effort and more fun than ever before.

This project reminds me on a similar project that was presented at the Prix Ars Electronica festival. The project was called Telegarden and it allowed the community growing of seeds by using a remote controlled (through Web) growing of seeds:

Arduino controlled Greenhouse

So with this project published by Inventgeek it is finally shown that Arduino microcontroller boards are not limited to control small bots. The Arduino in this project controlles the growth of a lot of tomatos in a greenhouse. It is a nice idea to bring smart electronics into gardening and controlling the status of your seeds.

humidity and temperature sensor, image source: Inventgeek