Ingress – Google’s Underground Augmented Reality Game

Ingress LogoIngress is an augmented reality massively multiplayer online video game created by Google’s NianticLabs. It was released in closed beta release for Android devices. People around the world are fighting for invitiation codes over the last weeks. Luckily i got one invitation code two weeks ago and ever since i am exploring the Ingress reality overlay in my hometown. The gameplay is rather simple, as players of the game belong to one of two factions, Enlightened (color green) and Resistance (blue). The game-play is designed around the mission to capture virtual Portals, in order to enclose regions between portals with virtual links and fields. Despite this really simple game play, Ingress happens to be quite addictive. Exploring a secret world that exists like an overlay on your real world urban environment offers interesting experiences. Ingress also motivates people to go out and explore the real world, like visiting an old sculpture on the way to work in order to hack the virtual portal there. Negative sideeffect of Ingress could be a massive increase of gas usage, as thousands of people are driving through the streets to discover new Ingress portals.
Ingress Augmented Reality massive Multiplayer GameIngress Augmented Reality massive Multiplayer Game Portal

And trust me you will need a power extension for your smartphone to play Ingress 😉

Sight – A Science Fiction Clip on Augmented Reality

This science fiction short film, by ERAN MAY-RAZ and DANIEL LAZO, presents implanted augmented-reality technology as it could happen within several years. I really enjoyed the ‘egg game’ scene 🙂 it proves that most of life is just a game, as Jane McGonigal already proclamed in her TED talk about a ‘game that gives you 10 more years of life‘. Maybe your life is without this restart possibility.

DICE+ and the future of boardgames

DICE+ is the world’s first patented electronic dice. DICE+ is a combination of virtual reality and real game control. It represents a tangible user interface which enables you to control your board game with a real dice. The tangible artefact is directly connected to your virtual game world and acts as a tangible real world controller interface. Now you can play your favourite games, together with your family or friends, without any digital interface barrier.  Throw the dice and see for yourself. Now is your turn!