MIT develops a cheap and highly agile autonomous plane for indoor navigation

MIT researchers recently published a video of their highly agile autonomous plane drone that is able to navigate through indoor locations. Their video shows a good overview how the autonomous plane is able to automatically build a navigation map out of a laser range finder scanner and to find its way through indoor locations.

Traditionally, these environments have been dominated by quadcopters or similar air drones. The minimalistic design of this plane allows low cost survaillance tasks within indoor locations, such as parking garages, as it is shown within the video below.

AirBurr micro air vehicle


AirBurr artist's impressionThe Laboratory for Intelligent Systems at the university of Lausanne LIS invented the AirBurr, which is a selflanding air vehicle that can fly indoors without crashing when bumping against walls or crashing onto the floor. The drone is designed for maneuvering through devasted environments and to bounce gainst obstacles and to continue flight. It should offer most robust flight capabilities for desaster recon missions.