Science Fiction Short Film on Terraforming Mars

Five recent graduates, Arthur Bayard, Félicien Daros, Guillaume Dadaglio, Vincent Glaize and Thomas Nivet, of a French visual-art school present in Terraform a science fiction short story of a transformation of Mars into an Earth like paradise. Thomas Nivet, one of the creators, explains that Terraform tells the story of the planet Mars, being terraformed. In order to achieve such an incredible artwork, they successfully mixed live-action footage and CGI.

And in this video the team present the Making Of:

Sight – A Science Fiction Clip on Augmented Reality

This science fiction short film, by ERAN MAY-RAZ and DANIEL LAZO, presents implanted augmented-reality technology as it could happen within several years. I really enjoyed the ‘egg game’ scene 🙂 it proves that most of life is just a game, as Jane McGonigal already proclamed in her TED talk about a ‘game that gives you 10 more years of life‘. Maybe your life is without this restart possibility.