Microcontrolled, customizable Espresso Machine

For a coffeholic like me this already successful  Kickstarter project sounds like a dream became reality. That guys (Gleb Polyakov and Igor Zamlinsky) design a microcontroller based espresso machine (i expect that all major espresso machines are in some way controlled by one but you do not have access to their code). As consistent pressure and temperature through the entire pull is the key to getting a perfect espresso.

There are basically two kinds of home espresso machines on the market today. The affordable models have no good mechanism of temperature or pressure control. These machines can’t pull consistent shots. So if you’re serious about espresso, you’ll need one of the higher-end machines – they make great coffee, but they also start around $700.

This espresso machine offers high-end quality, PID-controlled customizable temperature and pressure, pre-infusion, or shot-time settings, for around 400$. Gleb and Igor already successfully pledged a budget of $369,569 from 1,546 backers.

Text-Enabled Espresso Machine Prints Your Phone Number on the Foam

Kelsey Klevenberg of the cloud texting service Zipwhip says:

We made the Textspresso machine to show off our cloud texting technology. It’s a robotic coffee machine. It utilized java script, 3 arduino microcontrollers, a couple servos, an ikea cupboard, and about 100 other pieces. We think it’s great. We’re open sourcing the plans in the coming weeks.