Honda’s All Direction Personal Mobility Device

In these days Honda is promoting and touring with it’s revolutionary new electric mobility vehicle, that is able to move in all directions and balances on one wheel. Honda unveiled the U3-X personal mobility device already in 2009 and is promoting it ever since acompanied by their humanoid robot Honda ASIMO. The U3-X is a compact experimental device that fits comfortably between the rider’s legs, to provide free movement in all directions just as in human walking – forward, backward, side-to-side, and diagonally. Honda will continue research and development of the device including experiments in a real-world environment to verify the practicality of the device.

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Faraday-Porteur at Kickstarter

Seamlessly integrated batteries

The Faraday-Porteur electrically enhanced utility bike is one of my actual Kickstarter favourites. Faraday’s inventors explain that a bicycle is a perfect vehicle for ecological and personal mobility which is hard to improve any further. So they has to add an ‘On’ button to theyr favourite vehicle to improve it even further. The bike itselve looks quite cool for my opinion and it offers some fantastic out-of-the-box features such as a light thats integrated into the bike frame as well as an electric motor that gives you the aditional drive on hills.

The Faraday Porteur is the ultimate electric propelled utility bicycle – the first electric bicycle built by, and for, cyclists.  Dubbed “the ultimate modern utility bicycle” by the Oregon Manifest bicycle design competition, the Faraday Porteur is an elegant, powerful electric bicycle – a high-quality city bike that is comfortable and effortless to ride – with or without the electric motor.

But what i really love most is the design of the Faraday-Porteur bike itselve as it looks quite similar to my old-school retro style ‘Steyr Waffenrad’ Bike, the design is over 100 years old.

And as i saw today they got a lot of attention as their pledge jumped from 500$ to 40.000$ just within a day!!

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ZBoard electric skateboard

The ZBoard is an amazing weight sensing mobility device combining a skateboard with an electric drive. To ride you simply have to lean forward on a front panel of the ZBoard to accelerate and to lean back in order to brake. The project was originally started through a Kickstarter crowd funding initiative. The board can reach a max speed of 17+ MPH and offers its pilot a range of 10 Miles. The board is equipped with a 400W electric drive and weights around 30 lbs. The ZBoard costs around 500$ and can is ordered and  shipped through their webshop.