Aquaponics Innovation and DIY Greenhouse Technology

Pierre Beauchamp, a young and successfull innovator and evangelist for greenhouse and aquaponics, who’s goal is to bring fresh and natural food production into urban environments. When Pierre Beauchamp was 15 years old he created an amazing aquaponics operation in a greenhouse in his families property in Auburn, Calif.

DIY Aquaponics Innovation by Pierre Beauchamp, source:
DIY Aquaponics Innovation by Pierre Beauchamp, source:

His aquaponics and greenhouse systems are so called closed loop systems that join plant production in combination with fresh water fish production. These aquaponics and greenhouse closed loop systems are great sources for fresh food production in future urban environments. Pierre Beauchamp was awarded the 2012 Sea World / Busch Gardens Environmental Excellence Award and the Global Green International-Citizen Entrepreneur Award.

Pimp and Retrofit your old Sewing Machine

DIY Retrofit your Sewing Machine
DIY Retrofit your Sewing Machine, image taken from -retrofit/

Micah Elizabeth Scott, best known for her latest work on a tremine style wireless control for a popular vibra toy, also published a lot of interesting DIY hacking projects over the last years. One of these projects is a complete redesign of an old school Sewing Machine, Micah Elizabeth Scott originally bought to produce fabric based RFID tags. Micah soon found out that on her Singer Inspiration 4210 sewing machine she could update some low-end electronic parts, such as motor and sensors, in order to get better results.