1Q – Flexible High End Bluetooth Sound System for Smartphones

1Q in natural Bamboo
image source: kickstarter.com

David Laituri’s first Kickstarter project 1Q is a very flexible Bluetooth wireless sound system that allows smartphone users to play their music on high-end speakers. According to long lasting akku power this wireless speakers are able to operate more than 10 hours without reload. 1Q offers a nice and tight design, as you can see in the video below, as the speakers are built with either Bamboo, Walnut or limited edition Red Beach. 1Q takes Bluetooth v2.1 as input signal or alternatively an 3.5mm Aux In plug for external cable bound sources. It offers full 6.5W of high-end sound power while it offers more than 10hours of operating time. It weights around 8 oz (226g) and comes with a size of 3 x 3 x 3 (76mm x 76mm x 76mm).

I think he will be surprised by his success as he easily crushed his pledge limit of 10.000$ (at the moment he has 40.000$ and still 18 days to go).

Quite nice sound system, although there are plenty of Bluetooth sound systems available, some of them really cool, as this public park bench Bluetooth speakers:

Indiegogo: Go International Crowdsourcing

I really love the idea of crowdsourcing, as it completely opens the door for sozial funding of ¬†innovation and creativity. Through sozial funding or community share funding many projects can be realized, that otherwise we would never have heard of. Getting an initial funding for a creative idea often fails because of visionless and traditional bankers or greedy investors. By letting the people (crowd) directly select and fund projects they are interested in, really opens the door for bank and big investor independent community shares. This crowd decision method reminds me on my previous post on ‘The Wisdom of Crowds’.

One of the most popular Web platforms for rising crowd sourcing and funding is Kickstarter. Kickstarter really is a great platform but unfortunately it is limited to US creators, which quite limits the possibilities to get international crowd funding.

Another really good platform, which is open for international crowd sourcing and funding is indiegogo. It offers similar features and funding schemes as many other crowd funding platforms but is open for international funding.

screenshot from indiegogo.com