Makeblock – Solid Robotic Starter Kit

Makeblock started to ship a solid robotic starter kit. Compared to other kits its parts are made of solid aluminium instead of plastics, which gives it a certain industrial touch. Makeblocks are also designed to be open and compatible with industrial standards. That means you can find a long list of motors, bearings, MXL Synchronous belt and so on that work seamlessly with Makeblock. Makeblock should be compatible with popular electronic elements, like Arduino and other electronic modules. So the team around Makeblock is going to prepare converter boards for Arduino and other Arduino compatible sensors.

g-speak – motion-based interaction design

Oblong industries is showing a nice little demonstration where they show a 3D operating system with motion-based interaction design. We have all seen this interaction design before in Minority Report :), but this one comes quite near to the interaction design shown by Minority Report. You will need quite a large office to work with this system, but i am sure this interaction design could be combined with Google’s glass project, which really would be a cool device!

Arduino Notifying Doorbell with Push Messages

Clement Storck has published his Arduino Notifying Doorbell Make project, which will help you to upgrade your doorbell to send out Push notification and an email with an attached picture to your smartphone when somebody’s at the door. It uses the free PushingBox service to delegate all the programming part and make things quite easy.
See following instruction guide to implement this smart solution to upgrade your own old doorbell.

Notifying Doorbell with PushingBox