Software Structure Analysis and Metric Calculation with Neo4J and Cypher

During the last weeks the Software Analytics and Evolution research team at the Software Competence Center Hagenberg (which is the group i am actually working in) built a software tool for parsing large scale legacy software systems, such as C, C++ but also FORTRAN, Structured Text (IEC 61131 Machinery and Robot programs) or Matlab source code with the goal to analyse its structure by using a Neo4J graph database and Cypher queries. As you can see within this demo video, the tool is able to visualize important aspects and metrics as well as the software architecture and structure of the analyzed software system. The tool is meant for supporting companies to develop and maintain their large software systems and code bases.

Windows Mobile mountain bike cockpit goes Open Source

Today, the Windows Mobile mountain bike cockpit app MoMo was published under the  Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) license, that allows you to share and remix the original MoMo Biking Cockpit under the condition of attributation to the author. The Biking Cockpit was written in C# and offers a useful feature set for tracking your biking routes and to export these routes in various open formats, such as standard CSV and KML. The biking cockpit also gives you a good overview on actual stats of your ride, such as speed, travelled distance and altitude diagram: