I-Wei Huang Talks about his Amazing Collection of Steampower Robot Designs

In this video I-Wei Huang shows a guy from the Wired magazin his amazing collection of robot designs. I-Wei Hung’s has a special interest in steampowered robot designs, as you can see in some of his robot designs. I-Wei Hung designs adorable cool robots, watch this video to get a glimpse on his robotic genius! Also refer to the original Wired Interview here.

Chris Gerdes: The future race car — 150mph, and no driver

Since Google started to do research in the domain of autonomous cars that drive through normal traffic, it is clear that autonomous cars will going to rule our streets in the next centuries. They may even driver better than you, which is not a big surprise if i watch the way some people drive on the street today. Within this TED talk Chris Gerdes reveals how he and his team are developing robotic race cars that can drive at 150 mph while avoiding every possible accident. And yet, in studying the brainwaves of professional racing drivers, Gerdes says he has gained a new appreciation for the instincts of professional drivers. (Filmed at TEDxStanford.)

An autonomous car may seem like a thing of the distant future, but mechanical engineer Chris Gerdes is racing to make it a reality today.

Six legged military robot

Well first i thought this bot is not really a navigation wonder, especially at high speed, as you can see in the video below. The robot unvails its strength when it comes to stair climbing. This specific robot with its flexible six legs is able to climb stairs quite good, as you can see at the end of the video.

Drones used for Surf Safety@Australia Jump Sharks



Drones to play key part in surf safety @ The Australian:

FUTURISTIC technology normally used for military operations could soon be monitoring bathers and sharks off Australian beaches. The project will test the effectiveness of unmanned flying drones as a surf lifesaving tool. A three-month trial on Queensland’s North Stradbroke Island is expected to start in September, with lifesavers hopeful the drones will be rolled out nationally. “This robotic drone program is an exciting innovation,” Surf Life Saving Australia CEO Brett Williamson told AAP on Monday. “This technology can be applied to a range of … scientific areas such as monitoring erosion, bush fires and tracking shark movements, and allows us to spot a swimmer in trouble before something serious occurs. “There’s an old saying in surf life saving – ‘if we can’t see you, we can’t save you’,” Mr Williamson said.

Just another Quadcopter?

source geek.com

Geek.com published another example for a home made Quadcopter design, which by the way looks quite promising according to its agility and flying characteristics. This quadcopter was designed by AliShanMao and published on his website Only Flying Machines. It is able to carry a payload of around 2.3 kg without any major drawbacks in its flight characteristics.  Only Flying Machines also published some other quadcopter designs and does ship full quadcopter kits for around 500$ each.