eBook Shop that rescues out of print sci-fi books from copyright

image source: singularityand.co/

Singularity & Co. is a eBook store that tries to rescue sci-fi books that are gone out of print and could fall in a copyright limbo. So the Singularity & Co.’s mission is to buy the rights of these sci-fi books in order to publish them as ebooks, which i find is an excellent idea. Singularity & Co. got around 50K $ startup funding by their popular Kickstarter pledge. They even try to build an open source desktop book scanner.

We’ve seen too many sci-fi books that are out of print, out of circulation, and, worst of all (given the subject matter) unavailable in any digital format. Meaning, as of now, these books may never be seen in the future imagined in their pages. That’s just not right.

2012 Philip K. Dick Festival

Philip K. Dick is one of the most amazing science fiction author, who published a countless number of short stories on which most of the premier class science fiction films, such as Minority Report, Total Recall, Matrix, Blade Runner and many more are based on. This year a Philip K. Dick Festival is scheduled for September 22-23 in San Francisco. Guest speakers are Jonathan Lethem, Erik Davis, Paul Sammon, and many other big thinkers on topics as self-induced amnesia, computer simulations, mysticism, dystopia, and, of course, drugs. 2012 Philip K. Dick Festival

Porträt Philip K. Dick von Pete Welsch