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Unlock Efficiency: Slash Costs and Supercharge Performance with Semantic Caching for Your LLM App!

A semantic cache for large language model (LLM) based applications introduces a plethora of advantages that revolutionize their performance and usability.  Primarily, it significantly enhances processing speed and responsiveness by storing precomputed representations of frequently used language elements.  This minimizes the need for repetitive computations, leading to quicker response times and reduced latency, thereby optimizing […]

InqueryIQ – A fully-automatic OpenAI email support agent for your own products and services

Providing human support engineers to handle incoming queries about products and services can be both costly and limited in its scalability. This is particularly challenging for self-published mobile apps and small to medium-sized businesses, as they often lack the financial resources to offer human support. I personally experienced this issue when I published my own […]