McorTechnologies – 3D Paper Printer

Mcor Technologies recently published a paper printing 3D printer, that allows to print complex 3D objects out of paper, as you can see within the video below. While most popular 3D printer use some kind of plastic molding, like MakerBot, Eventorbot or Tangibot, the Paper 3D Printer – the Matrix 300 uses paper as the basic forming material. Therefore the material costs are still up to 50 times less expensive than traditional plastic molding. The process uses A4 paper and a water based adhesive which makes the output eco-friendly.

Capture 3D Objects with 123D Catch App

If you’ve own an iPad, you can now use it’s camera to capture 3D objects using Autodesk’s new 123D Catch app for the iPad. It is similar to Autodesk’s desktop software with the same name. Just take a series of photographs of an object or setting and upload them to a server. The service will then compile a fully textured 3D model for display and manipulation.

iPad Screenshot 1