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TabShop ready for Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a great tool for collecting and analysing your small business revenues and to manage your businesses stock lists. The additional advantage of using Google Sheets is that it comes with a seamless Google Drive integration, so that you don’t have to worry about backup or local device failure at all.

No matter what kind of small business you are running, e.g.: bar, restaurant, kiosk or even a small food truck, you do have to keep an eye on the stock of products and you need to update the stock quantities whenever you sold something during your business day.

Shop keeping can be cumbersome and error prone and you really don’t want to keep track of your stock manually. Instead, you can use TabShop Point of Sale to help you with that task and to save a lot of your valuable time that is better spent in improving your business.

One of the great features of TabShop POS is that it offers a seamless integration into Google Sheets that allows you to manage your stock and back office through a Google Sheet.

This integration allows you to create a list of retail business products within your Google Sheet and TabShop will download and sync with that online product list automatically.

Whenever you did a checkout of multiple products through an invoice, TabShop POS will update your Google Sheet by appending all the invoice information, total revenue and even collecting all the sold invoice positions within a separate sheet. TabShop also updates the stock quantities of your product lists automatically, so that you can save the time counting and keeping up with your current stock.

See below a recording of a typical business Google Sheet and how TabShop automatically updates the stock values and sheets whenever an invoice is checked out:

Google Sheets is also a great tool as it comes with basic statistics and charting already built in, that allows you to analyze which products did sell well while others are falling behind. This very basic business intelligence capability comes for free in case you integrated the TabShop Point of Sale app with your Google Sheet, as it is shown below:

TabShop Android Point of Sale (POS) app and Google Sheets integration is a real success story that offers usability and simplicity for your business intelligence and shop keeping activities. The free version of Google Sheets is perfectly sufficient to already get huge benefit out of it for your own small or medium sized business.