This page is dedicated to collecting important ESC/POS thermo printer codes that can be used within TabShop invoice header, footer and cutter sections. All codes are given as hex codes that can be entered directly into the TabShop ESC/POS settings fields, separated by a comma.

Mind that all these ESC/POS commands are very much depending on your printer model and how much each model and vendor implemented the specifications. By trying out some codes below you will quickly find our which codes open your drawer, enable the cutter or print a logo on your printer model and which ones are not supported by your model and are only producing some strange chars on your print.

1B,40 = Initialize the ESC/POS printer

1C,70,01,00 = Quick print a logo that is stored within the NV Ram on the printer

1B,64,05,1D,56,01 = Epson cutter command

1B,70,00,19,FA = Epson cash drawer command

0A = Line feed