Stiktu – Layar launches Augmented Reality Graffity

Layar, the startup which one of the first professional Augmented Reality browsers, recently revealed a new business model. Within their creator tool customers can publish Augmented Reality advertisements. So all about advertisements again, much the same like Google’s Adsense but within Augmented Reality. The advertisement publishers pay and Layar augments the virtual world with advertisements. This model surely can only work if Layar offers some additional content, the user is willing to start the AR app for. Otherwise nobody will watch a virtual reality /augmented reality which is overfilled with advertisement. I for my part consume enough ads in television and Web 😉 i do not have to augment my reality with ads again. So Layar’s original AR business is changeing to a much more social idea. This days they launched Stiktu, which is some sort of a AR virtual graffity app.

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