Startup that sells the Facebook Presence Hardware Concept

pokemon imageDo you remember the early Facebook days when a clever Facebook Engineer developed a web-enabled beer keg at company headquarters? Facebook employees could used a status update on facebook.
The technology behind the keg is called Presence which is still used for other technical purposes. One of the engineers behind Presence, John Stockdale, is starting a company around the presence concept.
Presence Inc. is working on giving real world objects a digital identity. They call the concept “Digital identity for the physical world.” Stockdale posted about the company on Presence Inc’s new page:

We aim to simplify and modernize a whole slew of ordinary interactions that you have with the real world. Many of you will remember Super Secret Door (, a facebook-enabled door that three of us* built during Hackathon 18. It was only a proof of concept, but it’s one of many ideas that Presence as a platform will enable.

Using our platform, your home will know who is trying to access it. A hypothetical lock application allows you to specify access rules for your door and garage (…car, ski-house, bike, etc.), on an individual or group basis. You and your roommates have 24/7 access. Your housekeeper has access between 2pm and 6pm on Tuesdays. When you’re out of town, your kickball group can get into your garage over the weekend to pick up and drop off the bases and gear. Any unauthorized access results in an email notification explaining who attempted access and when.

By giving the places and things we interact with the capability to understand who is interacting with them, and in what manner, we can enable a whole new generation of real-world user experiences.


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