Record your Life: Vergence Labs debuts Epiphany Eyewear

Vergence Labs started a new pledge on Kickstarter for a computer enabled eyeware, which records your life in realtime. They are working with-in an accelerated startup environment to reinvent the human-computer experience as stylish computing enabled eyewear. They’re beginning this big idea by creating social video sharing, trend setting electric powered sun glasses.  The product will record 1st person point of view, and have “magic-glass” (chromatic shifting conductive glass) lenses for an instant on/off “electric powered sunglass” feature.   It’s a consumer electronics fashion accessory designed with technology to enable new social video and new electric sunglasses lens capabilities while being fashion-forward and stylish in the process.

This project goes along well with the recent announcement of Google to introduce completely new augmented reality glasses. So far the team at Vergence Labs has already collected 16.000 $ of the defined target at 50.000 $.