Which printers does TabShop support?

Private: TabShop AnswersWhich printers does TabShop support?
wolfgang Staff asked 5 years ago


Which printers does TabShop support and how can i set up my own printer to print an invoice?

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wolfgang Staff answered 5 years ago

TabShop offers following printing options:

  • Plain ASCII print for standard network printers such as HP OfficeJet 6500, etc.
  • ESC/POS print option for Thermo Printers such as the Epson P80, 56mm Thermo printers
  • Generally Bluetooth and Network (WLAN or Ethernet printer are supported)

To set up a printer please refer to the TabShop settings screen and open the printer settings where you can put in either an IP address for a network printer or choose a Bluetooth printer instead.
During the checkout screen you have to enable the ‘print’ checkbox to print the receipt!