Version 147 Problems

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JodyMcIntosh asked 3 years ago

Since updating to version 147 my InvoicePositions Sheet is not updating with all of the other sheets. I created a new sheet to check that I had not made a mistake with permissions or something. This did not repair the problem. I created a whole new spreadsheet and attempted to snyc. This did not repair the problem. Also since this new update, the \”Automatic invoice sync\” check box does not stay checked. This occurs even when I do not disconnect or even do not turn off the app. I have to manually sync my invoices every day.  I know you are a busy man and do this in your spare time. I think the app is awesome. Hopefully you can find time to help me.  I also had posted a question to the tabshop questions page concerning a printer issue I have been having. It is still not resolved.  Thank you.