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Tomas Mitchell asked 5 years ago

PayPal Here has changed their settings so each product item can be set for taxes or not. Now each time I enter an item and try to charge it through PayPal Here it doesn’t recognize the product code generated by TabShop and doesn’t charge tax. I it was working fine a few weeks ago but now it is not. If I go into PayPal Here settings and set the tax rate for the given item it works fine as long as I only enter that item through PayPal Here. As soon as I try entering the item through TabShop the tax rate goes back to 0. This really appears to be a TabShop issue and not a PayPal Here issue. I called PayPal Here and spoke with them about it and they say as long as I set the tax rate in there app and I select the item from their app then their app is working fine.

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wolfgang Staff answered 5 years ago

I will check, thanks for reporting