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Mike asked 5 years ago


Is now few weeks I started to use your app for see if match my needs. So I have some more questions:
1) Few days ago I made some test using one dedicated tablet linked to a specific google sheet. No other device use this sheet. So I started to make some transaction with the tablet and to pay using cash method. Some transaction was successfully “live” recorded in the sheet but for some unknown reasons some other was not. In practice invoice 201701080100008 has been well recorded like invoice 201701080100014…but nothing about all others invoice between those one. If I look in the app, I can see all transaction made such also 201701080100009, 201701080100010, 201701080100011, 201701080100012 and 201701080100013 so why they has been not recorded in the sheet ??? Connexion problem, google sheet problem or any others…but I thought your app could detect this kind of thing and will in any case always sync data between device and sheet. Is not the case ???

2) I want use your app for my business in Sri Lanka and unfortunately gateway like Paypal, Stripe or Authorize do not operate in that country. I looked for some other and it seem 2Checkout for example is compatible in Sri Lanka. I wondering if you could add 2checkout to your app as a new payment method…otherwise I will be stuck for accept credit card.

3) All transactions date stored in the Google sheet are not usable for analytic purpose because the format is not compatible with software such Excel. The problem is especially due to the fact the date is stored with included the full gtm time. Ideally if you could include in base Sheet another column such “formatted date” for store only the date such DD-MM-YYYY this will be wonderful.

4) About your Kitchen Display the app work well, even if is necessary sometime to completely close the app and open again for start to use otherwise the connexion is not established and orders are not received. Ideally if both device could receive a sound and text notification for warn the staff this would be nice. That mean when the staff order the food, the Display must make a warning sound…and the cook must confirm to have received the order (or if is possible to auto-confirm is better). Then the order is confirmed to Staff device like that they are sure the order is well submitted in the kitchen. If the order remain unconfirmed that mean something go wrong with the connexion.  Finally when the cook is ready with the food, the fact to click on the garbage icon order, mus send a notification to Staff device with a sound. In fact I noticed when we send the order by clicking on Print icon, we don’t know if the order is well submitted…and we have tendencies to click many time for be sure..and this could also produce many duplicate order with empty contain. Reason why the fact to add 2 way notification could solve the problem and increase reliability and user experience..Hope you can do something..

Waiting your news…thank you.