Stock list won't refresh upon syncing Google spreadsheet?

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Elaine asked 5 years ago

I’ve got the formatting all ironed out now, so the stock tab of the spreadsheet synced the first time, but it now does not update. Here’s the error:

  • Update the Google spreadsheet with new stock, in the same format. In the spreadsheet menus, press the sync stock button. it greys (showing something is happening), and then focuses again. Return to stock list in TabShop. No changes show.

What I tried:

  • created a second testing tabshop spreadsheet, with the new stock included.
  • in tabshop, swapped to brand new spreadsheet.
  • pressed sync stock button (it appeared to be syncing)
  • check stock list. stuck on first version, no changes

This was on a Samsung Tablet. I then tried all of the above steps again on my phone (in case it was a problem with locally cached files), with same result — it failed silently.
What else I tried:

  • working in Tabshop from the old stock list on spreadsheet ONE, I “sold” several items.
  • the invoices synced instantly to that spreadsheet, with no troubles
  • I switched to spreadsheet TWO, synced, was presented with the same original list of items from spreadsheet ONE
  • I”sold” a few more, and the invoices synced flawlessly with spreadsheet TWO… which did not even contain the same items as spreadsheet ONE.

This happens with either device.
Is there a way to force the purge of all items, so the incoming stock is fresh? Where is the synced data kept? in SQL?
Thank you

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wolfgang Staff answered 5 years ago

Yes the data is kept in sql. You can of course wipe all products within the products list view with menu item \’Delete All\’. Then sync again.