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Obaid Mohd asked 5 years ago

I have the links from google.Doc for the images but the will not appear on tabshop list unless they are uploaded from the gallery not the links if you guys could tell me how to do it.

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wolfgang Staff answered 5 years ago

If you enter the HTTP address of your images into the Google spreadsheet TabShop will automatically fetch them from the Web. But keep in mind that this only works if the image address can be fetched as pure image. For Google Drive or Dropbox links you have to use the raw image download link of the image, otherwise it will not work. For google drive this download link for an image looks like this: https://docs.google.com/uc?authuser=0&id=0BzBBe421KsOCeHJmcE5DZWJhckE&export=download

You can also refer to my example spreadsheet to see how it works: