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Emin Hazar asked 4 years ago

1. Turkish translation and character are very wrong. Especially receipts, bills and google spreadsheets.
2. Products inserted into the application are not synchronized with spreadsheets.
3. No customer list editing (Edit tab opens the new registration menu).
4. Open account (credit) should be developed.
5. Insufficient to display the products of the customer’s account. (All items in the list can be viewed by scrolling right, which date, which product you bought, and collections).
6. Adding to the cashier the cash drawer. Costs (food, service, mechanic, cleaning, taxi) must be added.
7. Cash out for the boss during the day.
8. the stock product insertion menu must be password protected.
I have a grocery store. My customers pay for the products they receive within months. Usually they always owe me.
This text has been translated with google translate.
Thank you.

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wolfgang Staff answered 4 years ago

Thanks a lot for your bug reports. Some comments:
– 2: yes thats by design you have to enter the products within the Spreadsheet instead of the TabShop. Maybe I will add a function to upload a new product.
-3: Thats just a wording issue, thanks for reporting, you can edit the existing customers with this new customer screen of course.
-4: Open account is possible by just checking out on a customer account. The balance will get negative and you can checkout later.
-8: Thanks will consider this.